The “concierge” service will allow you to live in Miami full life and will free you from unnecessary displacements, misunderstandings and wasteful waste. You do not need to ask friends, acquaintances or casual passers-by, where there is a good restaurant nearby, where you cook your favorite dish, how to arrange a child in the best kindergarten in the district, or where you can qualitatively eliminate the dent on the car – all these questions you can address to your concierge. The concierge will also help you purchase the necessary tickets and medicines, book a hotel and organize a seminar, pick up a movie or a cruise that matches your tastes, and be able to choose trend clothes, accessories and interior items together with you.

"The concierge really works"

I noticed that the concierge is able to carry out assignments much faster and better than my assistant. No, my assistant will continue to work for me, just everyone should do their own thing.
Mila SUrghik


In the event of any emergency situations happening to you in the US: if you lose documents, need to get medical or legal help, breakdown of a car, household electrical and plumbing devices, you may feel helpless and alone … but only if you are up to Nowadays you do not use concierge services – a loyal friend, adviser and a super-hero-rescuer in one person. For our concierge there are no impossible tasks!

Concierge service

Make your life in Miami really easy, connecting the “concierge” service and entrusting the solution of problems that do not require your direct participation to professionals!